Mystery, emotion, naturalness, laughter, elegance, eroticism, memory. The music goes unheard here, but there's flamenco in those lines, captured in a woman's beautiful earrings. “Coral earrings” that, like the best poetry, harbour enigmas that are best left unexplained. Knowing how to observe them as they pass suffices. Matisse used to say that seeing demands creative effort. And prejudice-free vision, I would add. For otherwise howcan one approach the mysterious dwelling of the tragic, bohemian sense of life; the flash of lightning and the dew, sorrow and emotion, shining cascades and true jondura (depth)?

There are artists who like to sail alone, coming and going as the inner fancy takes them, and not easily falling prey to the siren-calls of fashion and trends. Lluís Ventós is one of them. As he moves from his world to his workshop and back again, he always leaves a door open through which life never fails to slip in. The unexpected."
Teresa Sesé